Justin Jelincic


Remembering History


To Guide the Future

Candidate for California's 13th Congressional District

 Serving humanity six days a week and my Lord Jesus Christ at all times.
(Acts 20:24)

Candidate Statement

Justin Jelincic

Occupation: Non Profit Finance Director

My education and qualifications are: I am a citizen who loves and cherishes the God given rights recognized by the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and embodied in the Bill of Rights to protect individual citizens from the potential of an oppressive Federal government. I am a strong believer in democracy, and the need for some to offer to serve, in order to preserve democracy. I do not desire to become a career Congressman, but I am willing to offer to endure the hardship of the political process in order to serve you as a representative within the House of Representatives.

As your representative I would seek to ask “Did the citizens surrender this right to the Federal government?” If the answer to that question is “no”, I would seek to protect you from Federal oppression of your God given rights. If you want someone who does not want a career in politics to represent you, I ask for your vote. If you want your rights protected, from Federal abuse, I ask for your vote. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley’s school of business. I am one of the seven sons of Clara and JJ “Josh” Jelincic. I was born and raised in the East Bay. For my wife and I the East Bay is, and will remain, our home. This is the third time I have offered my name for consideration in the Primary. Choice matters to preserve democracy, I offer you a choice, and ask for your vote.

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