Justin Jelincic


Remembering History


To Guide the Future

Candidate for California's 13th Congressional District

 Serving humanity six days a week and my Lord Jesus Christ at all times.
(Acts 20:24)

          What have I learned from life events?

    • People sometimes put short term pleasure ahead of reason or consequences.
    • Not all people are charitable or forgiving.
    • Not all people are responsible or accountable.
    • Polarization / digging in, leads to conflict instead of solutions.
    • Good Governments trust the people they govern.
    • Slavery can be willingly accepted “one step at a time”.
    • Just Because you get a paycheck, does not mean you are free.
    • Listening to advertisers, instead of reason, leads to debt and heart ache.
    • Delayed gratification and a simple life go together.
    • Comparing ourselves to others, steals our joy and happiness if we focus on those who have more.  But can also cause us to rejoice when we compare ourselves to those who have less.
    • The Beatles were right “money can’t buy me love”.
    • Contentment is the key to happiness.
    • The answer is always “no” unless you ask, and might still be “no”.
    • A small house filled with love, is better than a large house full of stress.
    • Belief in, and certainty of, your eternal life, removes fear.
    • Love is an act of the will, not an emotion.
    • Marriages end when you stop working to make them succeed.

What have I learned from my employers?

    • It is better to make errors of comission (do something) than errors of omission (sitting idly) you can always fix the course when you are moving forward.
    • Working hard may lead to a bigger severance package, but will not prevent severance.
    • Look forward to the year you have to pay a million dollars in tax, as it will have been a very good year.
    • I am always doing better than I deserve, by God’s grace and Mercy, even when things go poorly.
    • Given a choice, it is best to pick a place to work based on Who you will work with, Doing What, for how much.  Money is not happiness, but doing something you value, with people you enjoy makes for a great workday.
    • Doctors are not God, even if we want them to act and think that way.
    • Government mandates drive up cost, and eliminate customers who would want to buy a less expensive option if available.
    • Labor and Management can partner together.
    • Labor can, and should have bonus plans to help motivate those who work harder than others in their union.
    • Labor can help solve problems, the people doing the work often see the solution.
    • Quality is only as good as the weakest contributor.
    • We all own our personal future.  It is not up to the boss to make me grow.
    • It is always wise to reserve the right to get smarter.

What have I learned from the Scriptures?

    • We have a natural tendency to wander and do our own thing in violation of the Word of God.
    • Even the people of God, will choose to do their own thing, but never without consequences at some time.
    • There are absolutes, even if we do not like them.
    • We tend to pick and choose, but the entire Word of God remains.  Not one stroke of The Word will ever pass away.
    • This life is temporary. 100% will draw a final breath and stand for judgement of their actions.
    • Spiritual Care is essential, but rightly is not a role for Government
    • Not everything with a Christian label is in obedience to the Word of God
    • Religion is not the answer.  Relationship, Fellowship, humbly walking with God, is the answer. Religious labels burn off, reality remains.
    • Pride goes before a fall.
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