Justin Jelincic


Remembering History


To Guide the Future

Candidate for California's 13th Congressional District

 Serving humanity six days a week and my Lord Jesus Christ at all times.
(Acts 20:24)

     Who am I?

    • I am the 5th of the 7 sons of JJ “Josh” & Clara Jelincic
    • I was born, raised in Hayward, and live and work in the District
    • I am a UC Berkeley Business School graduate
    • I am a political rookie and am not for sale
    • I am a 53 year old conservative Democrat
    • I am a Finance Manager at a Not for Profit in Oakland
    • I am a Bible believing Christian
      What do I believe?
    • Most adults are capable of making informed choices
    • Elected officials are to serve the people, not the reverse
    • Elected officials can educate their constituents but should never ignore them
    • The Primary system is polarizing both parties.
    • The Party Central Committees do not seek to offer you choice.
    • In “Safe” districts the Central Committee, not voters, choose who will be elected.
    • In “Safe” districts incumbents who are not “Primaried” will be re-elected.
    • The 13th Congressional District is a “Safe Democratic” District.
    • The Scriptures contain wisdom

        Why am I running?  Why now?

    • In a word “Choice”
    • Pete Stark converted me from an “inert Democrat” into an Activated Democrat in 2010.
    • Believing in Democracy and Choice, I am offering you a choice in a “Safe Democratic” District.
    • A Democrat will be elected in the 13th CD. If I did not run now, Barbara Lee would automatically be re-elected.
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